“Jo Anne Sabas is blessed with a talent for writing such as few possess. Her style is totally engaging and one which captures the reader’s attention from beginning to end. Her insights, depth of experience, and knowledge are phenomenal.”
Edward Polochick, Artistic Director of Concert Artists of Baltimore

“From the first class with Jo Anne, I felt at ease. I was able to share with her and her class a chapter from my life. She has encouraged me to continue writing and with her help, I hope to produce an autobiography that will inspire.”
Patricia Copper, Attendee of writing workshop

“Just a note of gratitude for all that you do. I am encouraged by your spirit and your fortitude. Please know that no amount of money could possibly pay for your kindness.”
Trudy Tull, R.N., Case Manager

“You’ve been superb! You are very talented. I admire your skillfullness in listening and then converting that into tangible tasteful text.”
Robert Anson, Spanish Medical Interpreter

“I don’t think I have felt so comfortable working with someone on such a personal subject. Six months after being hired, I still received phone calls for interviews based on the strength of my résumé.”
Cindy Schulz, Financial Institution Executive

“Jo Anne is a professional. Her calm, reassuring manner got me through a tough writing assignment.”
Lauren Harris, R.N.

“. . . creates a résumé that reflects an individual with a personal touch. Not just flowers. Real stuff.”
Jacquelyn Megee, Business Owner & Company Director

“Your ability to structure my background during the difficult career change was invaluable. The tone and format of my documents were right on the money thanks to your professionalism and personal interest in my success.”
Craig R. Piette, High School Teacher

“Jo Anne did a great job making my résumé look professional. The wording, presentation, and style ‘said’ everything I wanted it to. I could not have done it without her.”
Mike Lavine, Audit Manager

“Jo Anne’s motto for a good résumé is individuality: ‘Every person is special and every person needs a special and personal résumé. I thank Jo Anne for making me aware of that and for having set up a résumé that fits my needs.”
Ulrieke Benner, German Textile Designer

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