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Effective Résumé – (rez-uu-may) from the French is a brief account of one’s qualifications and experience, prepared for use in applying for a job. It defines our work experience paid and unpaid, education, training, contributions to society, and marketable skills like no other. In collaboration with an experienced writer, a résumé is a marketing tool that separates the qualified individual from the hack.

Dynamic Cover Letters are not a rehash of your résumé. A cover letter should consist of no more than three neatly-framed paragraphs: a beginning, a middle, and an end. Because cover letters aren’t too far removed from creative writing; meaning writing that stirs the reader’s emotion, begin with a strong opening – the hook. Be concise; don’t waste a word. If conciseness is the structure of a cover letter, than flattery is the opening paragraph’s essence. Don’t flatter yourself because that’s tedious to the reader. So who do you flatter, you ask? By working with Ms. Sabas learning her research methods, you will discover who and how to flatter genuinely.

“Toot your own horn, but do it softly” is the maxim for your middle paragraph.

Wrap up your cover letter into a tidy package by tying your last paragraph to the first one. Include telling the reader what you intend to do next.

Clear and Concise Operations Manuals are composed as easy-to-understand handbooks that even an outsider to an industry can reasonably understand.

Sales Letters are crafted toward knowing or finding customers’ need/wants/desires. “Learn the sell the sizzle, but not the steak” technique. A similar rule applies to company brochure composition: don’t make a brochure read like a contract.

Letters of Complaint composed by Jo Anne Sabas are usually the first or last course of action toward resolving a problem, settling a quarrel, or persuading another party to act on your behalf. A sound letter may spare you the time and expense of hiring an attorney.

Letters of Recommendation are intended to “sell” the reader on the merits of a candidate. Learn why a little of your relevant background qualifies as authentic praise for another’s life and work.

Memoir Writing is a legacy you leave your children and grandchildren–what better way to weave the rich tapestry of your life and times. This is a tapestry where wisdom, learned lessons, sorrow, and laughter are woven together. A memoir should also chronicle your best and worst times from both personal and historical perspectives.

Curriculum Vita outlines one’s career listing relevant achievements, education, and held positions (paid or unpaid). Included are a list of publications, conducted seminars, professional talks, and attended conferences. It is the résumé for professional people. Ms. Sabas’ years of experience in academia serve her clients well.

Thank-you Notes albeit old-fashioned remain the standard of gentility in business. A “genuine” thank you note following a job interview, for a well-done service, or a mere compliment demonstrates that you, the writer has certain undeniable qualities. In working with Ms. Sabas, you will learn how these qualities apply to you. Thank-you notes may be part of a client’s résumé package.

Tutoring especially for the foreign-born in the elements of English usage, grammar, punctuation, and style.

Memberships: The Engineers Club, Baltimore’s Club for Professionals inside the historic Garrett-Jacobs Mansion and The Greater Augusta Regional Chamber of Commerce

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